The Power of Habits - Mondays 6-7pm - (Nuno Albuquerque)

NEW GROUP - 6 weeks online program, starting on the 24th April, Mondays from 6 to 7pm - What we will cover:

The science behind our habits

The power of self-care

The benefits of moving your body

Sleep matters

Valuing connectedness

Total cost of £510.00 per person to be paid in advance.




Supportive group therapy on zoom Wednesdays from 7 - 8pm (Nuno Albuquerque)

  • Online Supportive Group Therapy
  • Established in December 2020, this group has been designed to be a supportive and safe forum where participants can share how they are feeling without feeling criticised and/or judged. Through self-disclosure and feedback participants feel that they are not alone. We encourage participants to commit to a minimum of 4 sessions.
  • The cost of these 4 sessions is £240.00 payable in advance





Online DBT Skills Course Thursdays from 7.00 - 8.00pm (Nuno Albuquerque)

To address emotional and behavioural skill deficits, individuals must learn new strategies for interacting with their environment. DBT Skills training consists of weekly groups devoted to teaching new skills and reviewing the application of these new skills in daily life. The skills are broken down into 4 categories :


Distress Tolerance,

Emotional regulation,

Interpersonal effectiveness.

8 Sessions - £640.00 in advance