A very warm welcome to
Ellesmere Clinic


Here at the clinic you will discover a growing team of dedicated mental health experts, passionate about their profession.

Most of the professionals who work here have a longstanding relationship, having worked alongside each other for many years.

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It is all too often the case where people arrive to the clinic after years of suffering from mental health issues. After careful investigation and referral to the right kind of therapy we see little reason for the continual suffering endured by some people.

We are all here to help you to make sense of any emotional difficulties you may be experiencing.


We offer

Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

General Adult, Old Age, Memory Clinic, Neuro diversity and ADHD assessment

CBT, DBT. Psychodynamic, EMDR and integrative individual therapy  

Group therapy

Therapy with an addiction specialist

Neuropsychological Assessments

Mental Capacity Assessment

Case Management with Psychiatric Nurse



Please contact us for more information.

0208 441 5241
0795 0855 319